One of the hardest things about working with animals is that they move.  Soon after beginning to develop the Lapis Guides platform for biodiversity surveys, we realised that it could be just as easily used to collect geospatial data on other subjects as well.  Our first project using Lapis Guides in this way is a petroglyph databasing project in Kyrgyzstan.  However, the sky is the limit!  That project has since expanded to include more than just petroglyphs, but also ancient burial mounds, rock paintings and sculptures, and even historical structures.

We expect that Lapis Guides could be used by many more projects focusing on cultural heritage.

Cultural Heritage of Kyrgyzstan

The Tien Shan Mountains have been the home for many cultures throughout the centuries.  This app endeavours to create a database of areas of cultural heritage throughout the country.  To date, over 500 Petroglyphs and many ancient burial mounds throughout the country have been logged with the help of citizen scientists. more...


Petroglyph of a hunter and ibex


Taking a record of a petroglyph using Lapis Guides


Historical record of Red Deer in the Kyrgyz Ala Too

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