Projects in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is very similar to Kyrgyzstan in its natural heritage, but even though they shared a similar experience during the time they were both part of the Soviet Union, the underlying culture in Tajikistan is very different from Kyrgyzstan as the majority of the population has Persian roots, not Turkic.  Our projects in Tajikistan are still under development, but will focus on meeting both cultural and conservation needs in this amazing part of Central Asia.

Biodiversity and Cultural Heritage of the Yaghnob Valley

Nestled in the Yaghnob Valley are the last descendants of the ancient Sogdian people, who depend on the land they have called their home for millennia.  This project focuses on providing greater information to locals on abundance and distribution of medicinal plants, as well as encouraging conservation of these plants and other natural resources.  more...


Mapping Language and Dialect in Tajikistan

Although Tajikistan's national language is Tajik (often considered a dialect of Persian), due to the region's long history, there are many different languages spoken within the country.  This project hopes to map these linguistic differences throughout the country in order to preserve the cultural heritage that is a result of native language use.  more...