Where We Work

Lapis Guides began in Central Asia, and as a result, many of our projects are focused in this region of the world.  However, reaching out to help researchers in other locations create mini-apps that will facilitate their projects while connecting them with citizen scientists for data collection is our main goal and the reason we created this platform.  Our vision is to someday be supporting projects across the globe with our platform.  We enjoy the wide array of how others envision the use of Lapis Guides to fulfil their project goals.  Spend some time looking at some examples of how our platform is being used in different places.


Learn how Lapis Guides is involved in projects in Kyrgyzstan, where East meets West.  This is where we have been working the longest on different projects, and so we have a larger number of functional apps here than anywhere else at this time.  Check out some of the amazing projects we have helped developed so that researchers can collect data with our app.  more...

Lynx 2
Shepherd Petroglyph


A neighbour to Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan is rich in natural and cultural heritage.  We are launching two new projects in 2019 that will be looking at how to manage these resources.  more...

Petroglyph near Khorog


China is so diverse!  From the northern forests of Daxing'anling to the vast Tibetan Plateau, Lapis Guides are working with partners to develop apps that will be beneficial to conservation efforts.  See how our apps are making a difference. more...

0423 brown headed gull (24)
18 snow leopard
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